Sunset about 8 tonight, nightfall at about 9 pm here in Charlottesvile, 38N and 78W.  Looking west, Orion is still in view, but soon to be lost after the long winter run, gone by mid May, re-appearing in the morning sky mid summer.  Always nice to see an old friend.  

Look for rose-hued Mars with the Pleiades about 10° above the west horizon.  Lovely through binoculars.  Aldebaran, the 'Follower' (of the Pleiades) is just to the left in the Hyades.

Rising Southeast, same time, nightfall, about 30° above the horizon, brilliant Jupiter shows in Virgo, braced by two fainter celestial lights, the Virgo lucida Spica, and Porrima, the gamma.  The beta star, Zavijava, shows in procession, just below the tail of the Lion, Denebola.  Love these names from the arabic.  I should have named my dog Zavijava.  She is a podengo, after all.

The moon was officially 'new' this morning... so no moon tonight.  As night progresses, majestic Scorpius rises late, toward midnight, with Saturn following in faint Ophiuchus, cresting the treetops about 1.

And, so late it's early, rising at 4:30 and coming into view in the lightening sky, about 5, radiant Venus, in it's 'Morning Star' apparition, at the circlet in sky-spanning Pisces.  So beautiful.