It's the equinox this week.  I love to verify and calibrate my internal compass during the weeks of the equinox, marking due east and west with the sun at the horizon (you know about that, right?) as I walk our puppy at sunrise.  And drink one beer while I sit in my sailboat at sundown… still in my backyard, too many years in restoration, too few years on the bay.

AND it's our annual equinox sale, more to the point.  Take 21% of your orders this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  These orders will ship within a couple of weeks, sometimes sooner, sometimes a little later, based on volume… so don't be in a hurry for them, know that they'll arrive soon, but not our normal 3 business day turn-around.

Here is the code to use at checkout:


Orders will ship first in, first out, so order as early as possible if you have an event coming up in the next few weeks.