There was that time in my 20s when I rode a freight train across Missouri.  At night.  A summer storm rolled across the prairie, reaching all across the horizon, dry lightning, great booming sharp-edged cracks of thunder, the air electric and heavy with the coming rain.  Then hours of rain and dark!  (Miserable.)  Then, the air scrubbed clean, the long gray false dawn, a waning moon in slow ascent, and briefly, the morning star.  That ride is one of my best possessions.

That was Missouri, but I grew up in Wisconsin, and have always followed the Green Bay Packers, though at a distance from here in Virginia.  I might only see three or four nationally broadcast games each year, but I'm paying attention.  It connects me to my Dad and brother, those years ago, that time.  

OK.  Freight trains, GB Packers, morning star.  Where the hell is this going?  Here is the thing:  the Packers quarterback, a brilliant fellow named Aaron Rodgers, is spending time with certain someone: Danica Patrick.  If you are alive and not living in a cave and scan the news about the Packers this information will come to you.

This caught my particular attention because the name Danica is from the Czech, and it means "Morning Star."  The name is a bit unusual.  I love it.  Strong and lyrical.  I've encountered it a few times here at Indigo, given the nature of what we do. 

A quick trip to the Wiki page and we have her birthday and place.  I had a look, and yes, Venus was in its morning apparition, and clearly visible, the lead player in a quartet of the ancients:  Venus rising east in faint Aquarius, Jupiter southwest in Libra, and Mars with Saturn, leading the procession in Virgo.  What a beautiful sky.  I think that configuration portends excellence with go-karts.  I read that in an old college astronomy text.

We don't have a Beloit horizon, but will, no doubt soon.  In the meantime I came across this beautiful Tiffany Store Arch Bridge spanning Turtle Creek just outside of town and we worked it up.  Behshad, our lead illustrator, did the render.