So, I had this thought that I'd sift through all the entries for our weekly framed print give-a-way... that we'd talk about it in the office, may-be track down some of the the books that were quoted from (if it was, indeed, a quote from a book) and... a clear favorite would emerge.

Wrong.  Pretty much each and every entry – through our Facebook site, commenting at the blog, or through email – was somehow sweet and perfect.  These was no way to choose at all.  We ended up putting them all in the proverbial cigar box and drawing a name at random.

A lot of you like Margaret Wise Brown, especially Good Night Moon.  I tracked down some commentary on the site GoodReads  and was much amazed at the diversity of opinion.  (How could anyone not like this book?) I think people are bringing way to much analysis to this simple story.  To whit:

"Although the end is itself anticlimactic, the book throughout alternates between a Jeffersonian systematic formulation of an intuitively quixotic plot and a reductive encapsulation of the bed-time ritual that is practically, in its essence, Elizabethan. A revisionist reading unearths the Orwellian presence of the hushing lady, which is countermanded by the ideological shift introduced to the reader by the omnipresent burgeois mouse." comments MJ.

Then again, perhaps this is all with a wink and a nod.  Heck, I just like it because it's kind of fun to read out loud.

I didn't realize that Wise Brown wrote another favorite of mine, The Sailor Dog until I followed up on her biography.

I'm Scuppers the Sailor Dog / I can sail in a gail / right over a whale / under full sail / in a fog.

I'm Scuppers the Sailor Dog / With a shake and a snort / I can sail into port / under full sail / in a fog.

In any event, this weeks winner is Chantra King.  She quoted from 'Guess How Much I Love You,' a British children's book by Sam McBratney with illustrations by Anita Jerim.  (This was a favorite of several of you...) Chantra relates that she and her mother still quote it to each other... I'm thinking this might be a nice Mother's Day print.  Chantra, give a call and we'll move this along!

Details on next week's contest follow tomorrow!