The beautiful Lake Mead Reservoir, on the Colorado River, about 30 mile southeast of Vegas.

We've recently agreed to work with The Las Vegas Wedding Company.  We're excited about this new partnership – they've gotten the endorsement of many respected venues and forums that have also given us a kind word over the years: The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, The Wedding Wire, and Project Weddings, just to name a few.  They've also been named one of the top ten wedding destination companies five years running by The Wedding Show.  

They organize and manage outdoor weddings in the Vegas area.  Locations include the majestic Valley of Fire, Lake Mead, the West Rim of the Grand Canyon and others.  We'll be providing night sky prints as a 'thank you' from Toni and Mike, the principals, to their clients.  To that end our remarkable and wonderfully talented digital artist Chris Mendola developed a small group of iconic Vegas horizons that share a common look and feel.  We'll continue development of these Nevada desert images... suggestion are welcome.  Encouraged even!  These are now in our online catalog, and available to all.  


Here is our Grand Canyon shot.  This is the wedding site on the West Rim, at the river.


This is the Valley of Fire.  Not to be confused with the Valley of the Moon.

Our classic Vegas horizon, a super detailed look at the recent skyline.