Our variation of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales at Indigo Night.  This Saturday, Sunday and Monday only – December 3, 4 and 5 – take $20 off any order for Christmas.  That's a pretty significant discount on a $49 print, and brings our framed print well into the realm of ridiculously under-priced.  

Why?  Timing.  It's all about timing.  Traditional 'Economies of Scale' don't really apply here... we're a small company, and busy most of the time, this time of year especially.  Being busier when one creates a labor intensive product just means you have to work more.  Cripes, we'd rather go sledding.  So this sale is our encouraging word to order early.  

Order placed during this sale are for Christmas delivery rather than our target of 3 business days on prints and dry-mounted prints, and 8 business days on the framed prints.  Please keep that in mind.  We'll have them to you for Christmas, and probably much sooner... but this gives us a chance to take the requisite time with the process.  Order early, order often, tell your friends.

Please enter this code during checkout:  Venus_Lights_West

And do take a moment to look west in the late evening twilight as the rush to Christmas threatens to overwhelm.  That radiant wandering star is Venus.  Still, beautiful and unconcerned.  It's currently in Sagittarius; as the month unfolds it will show higher in the sky, closing the month amid the faint stars of Capricornus.  Nightfall on Christmas day will offer a seriously beautiful pairing – Venus with a slender crescent moon, waxing, just past new.  Let's hope for clear skies.