My friend who runs factories talks about 'burst capacity.'  I see smoke stacks and black metal lunch boxes (silver thermos, wax paper used twice, three times maybe).  Iron workers.  Skyscrapers.  It's such an impressive concept.  So old industrial.  How much work can you do if your factory is maxed out?  And for how long?  He's super high-tech, clean rooms with marshmallow people, but I still see iron workers.

We have our own version of the factory dance that we do here at Indigo... on a much smaller scale.   Say, the size of a grapefruit next to the Hindenburg – but it's the same idea.  In the run up to Christmas, a very busy time for us, we'd like to check our burst capacity, so have put together a 3 day sale.  $20 off any order.  That makes a $49 print... $29.  If you've been curious about the print... now's the time to have a go.   

Just enter this code during the check our process – it's pretty obvious where it goes:  Jupiter_Rising_Luminous   and we'll lope off that twenty.  If you've ordered recently and are feeling a little out of luck at missing out on this shoot me an email and I'll get you the same discount for your next order.