The next week or so sees my perfect confluence of moon, hour and weather.  Mid October.  I'm looking forward to a good week of walking meditations under the dawn sky.  The air will be brisk but not cold.  My own clock, the clock of my life, drives me out the door a little after six – an hour well positioned for dark this week, but not too dark.  I can find the path. ( Soon, when the clocks are turned back, it's  the red lamp strapped to my head.  Everything changes.  Hats.  Lamps.  Gloves.  Eyeglasses fogging.)

And the moon.  This morning it was at about 70 %.  Waning gibbous.  Full on the 12th, so five days past full, approaching last quarter.  This is the week it wanes to new, each morning the illumination less, from gibbous to last quarter to crescent.  Closing on the sun.  Dark skies.  The moon will move through Gemini, faint Cancer, Leo, and into Virgo.  Orion and Taurus show south of course with radiant Sirius, the Big Dog.  Walking the roads at Norford's Farm with Hambone.

On the 25th, if you've got a nice clear view east, you might see Saturn about 10° lower left of the moon.  Let's hope for clear skies and good thoughts on our walking meditation.