A request came through recently for a cruse ship illustration to be used with our night sky print.  This was to be an anniversary print for a couple who were married at sea aboard the 'Star Princess.'  The North Sea.  We developed this illustration from a photograph by Jeffrey  Scott, whom we found through the photo-sharing site Flickr.  Yes, the name of the ship really was 'Star Princess.'  The name of the ship shown in the image, however, is the Mariner.  The Mariner stood in for the Star Princess.  Two ships passing in the night.

We have a couple of brilliant digital artists who work with us on these illustrations.  Morgan King, a freelancer out of Philly, and Christopher Mendola, on staff.  Chris worked this one up.  (What's the line from that Dylan song... [ he ] can take the darkness out of the night, and make the daytime black.)

It helps to start with a really fantastic image, and we felt pretty lucky to be able to work with these images.  You can see Scott's photostream here).

I love the headline 'Cathedral of the World.'The great vault of the sky is like a cathedral...vast and beautiful, an exaltation. A reverential space. And I love it that they used the latitude and longitude - the exact position of the ship during the wedding ceremony - as their message. This is noted on their marriage certificate and is also engraved on their wedding rings. 

This illustration, the 'Cruise Ship' is now in both our coastal and tropical folders.