I remember the decision to go with a print size of 16 x 20 when we first started this endeavor, sometime late in 1999.  The decision was driven by two simple facts:  it was a 'standard' size (and would fit into a 'standard' frame) and it could only be printed on an expensive large format printer... thus re-enforcing the perception (and fact) that we are indeed serious about what we do.  

It's not a bad size, but it wasn't arrived at through any sort of real consideration on the intrinsic essence of the print: it's gravitas, the technology that informs the process, considerations of the text elements with regard to the viewing distance, price and margin.  We added a smaller size a few years into the business to scale the print more for a child's room – sort of a mid course correction, but again the choice wasn't really driven by what the print wanted to be, it was driven by what we wanted the print to be.  If you see my meaning.

Our new size – one size only now – is 14 x 18 inches.  It's about 20 percent smaller than the 16 x 20 print.  The sky panel is slightly wider in relation to the height for a more panoramic feel.  The upper border has been increased somewhat so the print now has more of the 'classic fine art' proportion with regard to the white areas... the negative space. The Indigo sweet spot.  Venus never looked so good.

We've dropped the smaller size.  Our illustrations have become so detailed that rendering them at that size seemed a shame, and the text elements tended to get quite small.  Because we allow messages at any line length people tended to write long message.  We're good with that... that's half the fun, surely.  To make the messages fit, and still have the requisite white space, the font size got so small that the viewing distance made the print almost a desktop.  

We've also added new frames.  We'll be replacing all the graphics on the website over the next few months.  We're very excited about these new profiles... we've dropped the metals and are working exclusively with wood -- all the profiles are PEFC certified. PEFC, which stands for Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, traces the chain of custody of lumber product from forest to final product ensuring that the final product is sustainable, and does no harm to our rain forests.  Our bubble wrap is a 'green' product too, by the way.

You can see the new profiles on the order page.  Just dial up your preferred illustration, then work the drop down on the right to see your choice with framing.  We're working a new framing page as well to give you a really close look.  But in the mean time, trust us.  Every one of these profiles work exceptionally well with the print.