January is quiet at Indigo.  A pause after the run up to Christmas. This is the time of the year when horizon development is at the forefront.  I'll try to post these as they become available.  

I like rooftops.  Here is a shot of Old Town in Alexandria, Virginia, that we just worked up as a wedding gift.  You'll find this in the Skylines folder, A – D, Alexandria, Old Town.

Here is an image of the desert outside Jordan, an ancient and epic landscape.  This is an area called Wadi Rum.  It's also knows as the Valley of the Moon.  We worked this up by special request.  I can't imagine we'll see this one ordered very often.  But what a beautiful rendering.  We had a great source photograph to work with.  Excellent detail in the rock formation -- not evident in this small web image.  I was hoping for a dark night under a summer sky to really show the Milky Way.  But not to be.  She was in the desert on a warm December night.  This image is in our Desert Folder as Wadi Rum.

And yet another.  This is the Sound at Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  The ferry -- if you can see it in this small web preview -- is the real deal, the actual ferry that makes the run out to Martha's Vineyard.  Look for this in our Coastal Folder.  It's called Vineyard Sound.