We worked this up recently.  It's from a song by Nathan Aweau (words and music) called Mahinahina — that translates Under the Pale Moonlight.  Was there ever a lyric more perfect for an indigo night print? I think not.  

This one was ordered by the couple to be displayed at their stateside wedding reception for family and friends... I didn't get the whole story, but I gather that the couple eloped, or got carried away by the beauty of the sky and the moment, and decided to marry.  (My wife and I did that too!)

After a lot of back and forth we decided on the pipe delimiter to separate the lines of the lyric.  (That's the character that shares a home on your keyboard with the 'forward slash' -- another obscure character.)  I thinks it works well with lyrics and poems -- one never knows how to break the lines.  This shows the line rhythm, but can be laid out horizontally... as needed on the night sky print, for example.

Incidentally, that's the Iolani Palace in Honolulu, the residence of the former monarchy, now a museum.

Here is the translation of the full song which is shown in the quoted text above:

Forget the sunshine,

There's something about the moon

... That drives me crazy for you

Oh, it's the pale moonlight, you know...


I think about heaping kisses upon you

under the pale moonlight  (chorus)

The moonlight shines brightly

along a frequented path of the calm sea

The one thing missing is you

we two together, under the pale moonlight

The story name of the pale moonlight

... is told here today

Why don't you meet me...

we two together under the pale moonlight