Here's something a little different that we just worked up for one of our favorite customers – someone who has given the Indigo Night sky print as a wedding gift since about 2001.  She's always got something interesting to say on them, too.  I love this quote from Shakespeare.  It's a little counter-intuitive, but it works.  

One of the challenges we often face is how to render a nightscape illustration (a landscape at night) for a well known location, such as Brooklyn. For, say... 50 years ago.  Or 60, in this case.  There is a certain expectation that the illustration be of the place.  But the skyline images just don't exist -- as digital files that we can license, anyhow.   We usually resort to treetops, and the edge of buildings, to sell the illusion.  It usually works, too.  But for Brooklyn... well, we couldn't resist working with a section of the stunningly beautiful Brooklyn Bridge.

Our digital artist, Morgan, rendered this, and a beautiful job he did, I must admit.  He had to re-draw all those cables by hand.  Painful.  (Sorry Morgan!)  The result is different from our established look, but it totally works and we'll probably continue with these iconic, timeless, views (for birthdays, or anniversary gifts from lo those many years ago).  If you have a suggestion for your city, we'd love to hear from you.


And, by the way, Ken Burns did an awesome documentary about the construction of the bridge.  The film was produced in 1982, and was nominated for an Academy Award.  It's available for rent through Netflix or purchase through PBS.  Highly, highly recommended.

The exact title is: Ken Burns' America: Brooklyn Bridge