So.  What I see, most of the time, are serious, loving, romantic messages on the night sky print that's given as a first anniversary gift.  And that's good.  It works.  

Occasionally a print comes through that's a little more playful though, like this one.  (One can't help but wonder... what's the back story?)    And, as an absolutely perfect compliment, the person chose our 'Eros In Summer' horizon — so that the print's gestalt is beautifully unified.  I don't think many people understand that particular horizon.  

I admit that when I created it I was reaching for something romantic... it was going to be the lead image in an entire 'Cupid Struck' series.  About "the moment."  But in the end, the image of Eros – from the statue that stands in Piccadilly Circus, London – is just so out there, and over the top.  The final feel of the print that uses this horizon illustration is, to me, a kind of playful recognition of serious love.  If you follow.  Seriously playful.  Or playfully serious.  But certainly beautiful, and I trust it will be well-received.