Look to the sky at nightfall – about an hour after sunset – to see four of the ancient planets forming a bright shining arc low in the west. The brightest, by far, is radiant Venus, the beautiful 'Evening Star,' amid the stars of constellation Leo.  Lower right is Regulus, the 'heart of the Lion' (also known as the 'Little King') and if you have an exceptionally good view of the horizon, look for Mercury, just closing on the distant rim.

Above left of Venus, look for two bright objects, Mars and Saturn, with Saturn, the upper object, just a bit brighter.  These planets are in Virgo.  Fainter Spica, the brightest star in Virgo, shines above left of them, about 25°, approximately the width of your open hand, thumb to little finger, at arm's length. 

A bright gibbous moon shows south in Libra, next to my favorite star, the fabulous Zubenelganubi, northern claw of the Scorpion.

Enjoy with beverage!