Hello!  Well, sorry for the long absence.  It's the wedding season, we're a little short-staffed (the recession crashed our party – so rude!) and so we've all been exceptionally busy with production, and the luxury of time to ruminate here on the blog, share ideas, is precious short.  Plus, 

I'm trying to finish some large personal projects – related to astronomy of course.  No, nothing to do with the physics of black holes.  I'm trying to finish my observation platform:  that would be Rumblefish, our 31 ft trimaran.  Nothing like the looking at the stars from the snug cockpit of a sailboat on a dark night passage.  

So it's nothing but tweak and proof.  Tweak and Proof.  The next time a couple of barn cats take up residence at our place those will be their names.

But I am going to take the time to start posting some of the first anniversary prints we've been producing.  When I see something I think has worked particularly well I'll put it up.  I'm always surprised that after ten years of making these prints, people can still come up with new ways to say 'you're the one!'  It's such a joy for me to work on these.  Thank you!

1st Anniversary Night Sky Print from Indigo Night

The "Lake with Reeds' horizon has never been that popular, but it really is quite nice.  The image is a lake in the Upper Volta – now called Burkina Faso (since 1984) – area of East Africa.  I say Upper Volta, because that was the name when the image was taken.  I developed this horizon illustration to do the birth sky of a friend who was born there.  Someone chose it to represent a small lake in Minnesota, where, I presume, he/she was married. To be given as an anniversary gift.