Hi. Some very interesting and talented people hang out here at Indigo Night. Our business has a seasonal component to it. We sell the print through several catalogs – Signals and SkyMall – and order volume through these partners is heavy around Christmas when more catalogs are in hand.

Because of this seasonality we hire on extra help from October through January. We’re in Charlottesville, Virginia – a University town. That would be the University of Virginia. So our “help” is often of that community. Graduate students and Post Docs between grants… that kind of thing. One year we had an actual Rocket Scientist work for us, no kidding. This was an Astro Physicist who was waiting for telescope time at the Green Bank radio telescope near here. He was also in queue for NASA astronaut training. It’s a little weird hiring people who have (vastly) greater depth of knowledge than I do. I’m very much an amateur really, when it comes to astronomy, but I certainly have all the knowledge I need to do the print. Cosmology and Black Holes really don’t come into play in naked-eye astronomy.

Sorry, I’m kind of off track here. About the gift card. We have an illustrator who works here several days a week doing framing… it’s a pleasant place to work, and I suppose that’s part of what keeps him here. Another example of the over qualified at Indigo Night. He’s pretty busy with his illustration business, but likes framing, and keeps making time for us. Thank you Charles!

He noticed that our last gift card, based on the ‘Pillars of Creation’ image from Hubble, was looking a little old. We’ve been using it for several years. (I think that star forming region actually is billions of years old. Hmmm. Is that what he meant?).

Anyhow, he worked us something completely different, and I just love it. It’s a digital collage, very vibrant, colorful, and somehow, very much of the night and stars. Here it is:

Under A Summer Sky digital collage by Charles Peale

Next time you ask us to include a gift card your message will either by printed or hand written into one these cards (depending on the penmanship of the digital artist who is working on your order).