And then there’s Bellatrix one of the four bright corner stars of Orion, with Betelgeuse, Rigel and Saiph. Bellatrix, the Female Warrior. The Amazon Star. Bellatrix, riding on the shoulders of the giant, majestic Orion. Bellatrix, the 27th brightest star in the night sky. Bella, Italian, of course, for beauty; tri, for trimaran, and X just because. And then there is the whole “Trix” suffix thing to consider. Trix are for kids. Bellatrix, a serious contender.

Orion will soon come into view in the pre-dawn sky, and is easily seen if you have a clear view of the east horizon. Bellatrix will appear first — some of the ancient astronomers, Ulugh-Beg and al-Sufi, have named her al-Murzim and al-Razam, respectively, and this translates, roughly, as ‘One Who Roars.’ Some believe this is a reference to the lion skin that Orion has draped across his arm. Others speculate that the ‘roar’ is an announcement of the rising of the more brilliant Rigel, or indeed, of Orion. 3 July

from Bayer’s Uranometria. 1603